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Cognitive Science Is The Key

More and more it seems like cognitive science is the decoder ring not only for understanding how things are, but also how to change them for the better (or worse)!

This is my response to a post from Joe Brewer suggesting Everyone Should Learn Cognitive Science. This blog is my little corner of the world of cognitive science, behavior economics, gameification (yes, that belongs here, since games are an emergent property of human cognition), cognitive neuroscience, cognitive biases, and all the rest. Expect a lot of Dunning-Kruger moments here, because I’ve just started learning about all this myself.

In the coming days and months I’ll not only be giving some of my opinions about how cognitive science and politics are interacting (and what we might do about it), but also reviews of the books and websites I’ve been learning from, and reports of other people who are learning and researching interesting stuff that just shows how very odd our minds are.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this adventure as we get going.